Continuing campaign against centre closures

drivers with petition
drivers with petition

Angus MP Mike Weir has continued his campaign against the closure of the Driving Test centres in Forfar and Arbroath by raising the matter at Scottish Questions last Wednesday.

Mr Weir urged Scotland Office ministers to intervene with the Department of Transport to, at the very least, delay any closures until such time as there had been proper public consultation.

Speaking after the session Mr Weir said he would continue to press the issue at every available opportunity.

He said: “It is utterly unacceptable that the Driving Standards Agency can simply close important local facilities without any consultation whatsoever.

“This is no way for any reasonable government agency to operate.

“In the case of Forfar and Arbroath neither the instructors, students or the general public were given any opportunity to comment on the plans to remove services from Angus and concentrate them in Dundee.

“When I raised the matter last week the Transport Minister apologised for what happened, but he has refused to postpone closure whilst it is reviewed. This is not sufficient. If the centres close it is fairly certain that even if the policy is reviewed they will not be reopened.

“UK government ministers are ultimately in charge of this process and must act before it is too late and yet another service disappears from Angus.”