Conservation area shake-up

Conservation Area of Kirriemuir.
Conservation Area of Kirriemuir.

THE PUBLIC consultation on the proposed amendments to the boundary of the Kirriemuir conservation area has been on display since Monday, February 4 and is available for the public to share their views with regard to the changes proposed until Monday, March 18.

The Infrastructure Services Committee met last August and agreed to submit a bid to Historic Scotland for funding for the Kirriemuir Conservation Area from the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS).

A total of 25 bids were submitted to Historic Scotland seeking funding and Angus Council was successful which meant that the full funding of £645,000 was approved.

A formal offer of a grant will be issued by Historic Scotland in due course.

The CARS scheme, which is spread over five years, will apply to all properties within the Kirriemuir Conservation Area but priority is to be given to properties situated within the town centre as defined on the map of Kirriemuir.

Historic Scotland will, for any grant award over £25,000, require a standard security to be included as part of any grant condition that may result in all, or some, of the money being repaid should a property be sold within 10 years.

Amongst minor changes to the existing Conservation Area, the Gairie Works will not be included within the area and neither will St Mary’s Church.

Tannage Brae has been included in the proposed Conservation Area which means that the residents will be able to apply for grants to help improve and maintain their property.

The Kirriemuir Conservation Area was designated in recognition of its special architectural and historic interest. The prime consideration for development applications is to secure the preservation or enhancement of the established character and appearance.

The offer of the grant from Historic Scotland is welcomed by Angus Council as it will result in a significant investment in the historic fabric of the Kirriemuir Conservation Area.

Whilst Kirriemuir still retains many of the features which make up its character and appearance, the town centre is starting to show signs of being in the early stages of decline.

The investment into the town will help reverse the decline and should greatly assist in the regeneration of the town.

For more information on the proposed amendments to the boundary change of the Kirriemuir Conservation Area you can contact the ACCESS Line on 08452 777 778.