Confidence for the future of company


Angus MP Mike Weir recently visited Strathmore Water to see the investment the company has made in new equipment in the factory.

As part of his visit he also discussed issues relating to the soft drinks industry with manger Bob Watson.

Mr Weir was impressed to see the new equipment and the systems in place in the factory which bring the bottles of water from their humble beginnings to the full package.

He was also impressed with the substantial investment the company has made in packaging.

Mr Weir said: “Strathmore Water has been through several owners in its long history and is now part of the A.G. Barr group, which gives it access to a wider market and distribution network. Strathmore water is a unique and recognisable product that is now sold not only in shops but increasingly in pubs and restaurant chains.

“The firm employs 42 people in its Forfar operation, plus a further 11 local jobs in distribution and there is capacity to expand. Speaking to the workforce I was very impressed that so many of them had been at the firm for a long number of years, which speaks well of the company and its management.

“The company has also invested in demonstrating its commitment to energy efficiency and the environment, both through reduction of energy use and the amount of materials used both in bottles and other packaging, and in their distribution network.

“The A.G. Barr Group is currently awaiting the outcome of a reference to the Competition Commission on the proposed amalgamation with Britvic.

“Whatever the future holds for the company as a whole I am sure that Strathmore Water will continue to play a prominent part in its development.”