Concerns expressed over window display stock

A concerned businessman has contacted the “Dispatch” after becoming alarmed at the window display in the Frontline Surplus Army store on Castle Street.

The businessman, who has lived and worked in Forfar for many years, is concerned about what is stocked in the window, asking the people of Forfar to join together and persuade the shop owner to change the display.

He said: “In one window display there are a variety of drug paraphernalia such as bongs.

“I am now told that they are also selling herbal remedies, for example, salvia and poppers, of different strengths, which are legal.

“I believe shop owners can get away with selling this equipment if they put it down for ornamental purposes, However, everyone knows nowadays that this equipment is not used for ornamental purposes only.

“I hope readers will agree with me that Forfar does not need this type of display.

“The army store has been in Forfar for a considerable amount of years without having to sell this stuff.

“Anyone who has young children lives in fear in this day and age that their children try drugs and become addicted.

“Cigarettes are bad enough but they have warnings on the packet that they can kill and, like it or not, tobacco is a drug.

“This is something that has been tolerated in society for years and the government has spent a fortune of taxpayer’s money trying to get people to stop smoking.

“Do we need this in Forfar? The drug problem in Forfar and Scotland is bad enough. We must protect our children because we as parents are always trying to keep things that harm them out of their way.

“The people of Forfar, I believe, can persuade this shop owner that this display is not needed in his shop.

“This is a serious temptation to start at the bottom of the ladder of drugs and carry on going higher.

“On checking I believe that what this shop owner is doing is not against the law but should be highlighted.

“It is up to the individual if they buy this equipment or not and it is up to the Forfar public to show their disgust at the window display as I feel this is a personal insult to parents who have young children or teenagers.”

Kenny Grant, who runs Frontline Surplus said: “Everything that I sell in my shop is legal and above board.

“To buy the products you have to be over 18 and have proof of your age.

“I do not know if it encourages drug use but I have thought about what I am selling and I do not think that it does.

“There are a lot of problems with products such as cigarettes and alcohol but people are entitled to sell them.

“I do not see what I am doing is wrong.

“I have served in the British Army for 29 years, fighting for my country, and have worked 52 years of my life, never being unemployed.

“I think I am entitled to do what I do to make a living.”