Charity rally driver condemns boy racer

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A Carnoustie woman has condemned the ‘boy racer’ who nearly caused an accident on a country road after he tried to race her charity rally car.

At around 9.30am on yesterday (Tuesday) morning Fiona Laing was driving along the A930 Barry Road, near Conchies, on her way to Monifieth when a blue Honda Civic attempted to goad her into a race on the winding rural road, primarily, she believes because the vehicle she was driving was a rally car covered in race stickers which she uses to raise money for charity.

In the process the Honda driver nearly collided with an oncoming vehicle, prompting Grandmother Fiona to take to OurCarnoustie’s Facebook page today to condemn the dangerous act.

Fiona posted: “To the young gentleman on the Barry Road yesterday morning in a blue Honda Civic, I hope you realise that your actions whilst driving were dangerous and could have put others in jeopardy, Yes my car is fully race stickered up - but I am sensible and keep my racing for the track as I race for the Royal Navy Charity team, These stickers do NOT give you the right to try and goad me into a race - it simply will not happen.”

She continued: “Now if you would like to see how well my car performs simply come and ask me and I’ll pop the bonnet, but never ever do what you did on that bend today as not only did you cause me to nearly go off the road, you also caused distress to the elderly gent coming the other way who I had to stop and check on.”

At the time of publication her post had reached nearly 300 likes, over 40 shares and stimulated a lot of public reaction.

Fiona also challenged the Civic driver to see how he fared on a real racetrack, an event she said would leave him ‘whipped in last place’.

Speaking to the Gazette today (Wednesday), Fiona said: “It was just ridiculous. There were a couple of guys in the car with him, so he was probably just showing off for them. Those are pretty expensive cars, so it probably belonged to daddy.

“It does happen. You get a lot of people pulling up alongside and they think it’s a man driving, and they are surprised to see a female.

“You do get people trying to push you into a race because you have race stickers. You’re just an idiot at the end of the day.”

Fiona recently moved back to Carnoustie after leaving at age 16 to join the Royal Navy. An experienced Enduro Rally Driver Fiona was drafted into the Race For Heroes around seven years ago when race sponsors Joanna Lumley, actress, and Virginia McKenna, Born Free Foundation, asked for a female driver to be included in the charity event in memory of military personnel killed in Afghanistan.

She has since founded her own charity, Race For Freedom - - and leads a team of 20 rally drivers raising money for Forces personnel and veterans.