Charity performace for Raising Hope

LOSING her mother to Motor Neurone disease and Alzheimer’s has inspired a local woman to produce a CD.

The CD aims to raise awareness of the two diseases that took the life of Michelle Mills dear mother who, until diagnosed with the disease, was a very healthy and person who gave so much of her life to society. She was a very loving kind, caring and humble lady who never ever dwelled on her own hardship in life but always turned it round to help others.

Michelle said: “My mother travelled to many countries in her life, but in the last years before she became ill, she reached out to a lot of people in Africa where she travelled to quite often with her Christianity, sharing her love and kindness.”

She nursed her mother at her home in Kingsmuir where the family supported each other whilst taking care of her. It was a very traumatic time for everyone when she passed away.

Michelle was looking on the internet when she noticed someone giving away a free piano. She had never had any musical background but tried to teach herself and the music just seemed to flow. She then wrote the song about her mother.

Michelle was able to focus on the music to help other people by selling the cd for the two chosen charities.

Friends in the group, who have been very loyal and understanding, are also self taught. Their support and hard work has made this possible.

A new guest star is to join Raising Hope, Aisha Tomlinson from Letham.

She is eight years old and is going to be a stand in singer but is keen to also take part in the Saturday performance at East and Old Parish Church at 1 p.m.

Aisha is also keen to be involved in raising awareness and funds for the two charities and is going to be baking cakes to sell and put the money towards the funds for the worthy causes.