Charity DJ night for Donald Ritchie

THE CHARITY DJ night for Donald Ritchie will take place this Saturday.

The event is to raise awareness of the heart condition, cardiomypathy.

The charity event is being held in memory of Donald, who had been on medication for 12 years for the condition, and to raise money for the British Heart Foundation appeal called Mending Broken Hearts.

The appeal is aiming to raise an impressive £50 million for research which will go towards helping to save more than three-quarters of a million people in the United Kingdom, who suffer from a damaged heart.

The research will attempt to try and regenerate heart cells which can be found in animals such as the zebra fish which will hopefully help people in the future who have heart conditions.

The condition had not held the 33-year-old back in life and he and his wife, Shona, had been trying to have a baby for years until in 2010, after a course of IVF, they were excited to find out they were expecting their first child.

Just four days before the couple were due to go for their 12-week scan, he quietly passed away in his sleep whilst working on a contract in Keith for his civil engineering company.

Sadly, he never had the chance to see his daughter, Hannah, who was born on February 3 last year.

The charity night has been organised by Donald’s close family and the doors will open at 7.30 p.m. and will run until 1 a.m.

There are plenty of tickets still available and they can be purchased in Forfar from Canvas Arts, Re-Invention and The Plough. They will also be on sale in The Woodville Inn, Kirriemuir.

Tickets will also be available on the night and all are welcome to come along, enjoy the music, have a good time and raise money for a worthy cause.

A raffle will be drawn at the beginning of the night and thanks go to local businesses, friends and family who have all been incredibly generous in their donations of so many fantastic prizes for the night.

Kris Coleman, Spock and Brian Clark will feature with Gav Richardson, who is the co-producer of leading Edinburgh club night Substance. He has also played at the Bloc Festival in London and will be there on the night to provide entertainment.