Captivated audience at Probus

Forfar Probus president Bob Kidd welcomed Tony Banks, chairman of Balhousie Care Group and a former Para and veteran of the 1982 Falklands conflict, to the recent meeting of Forfar Probus Club.

Tony gave a thumbnail sketch of his upbringing and schooling in Dundee and his entry into the Parachute Regiment.

He gave a very descriptive account of the fighting at various locations in the Falklands including Goose Green.

After the conflict was over he recognised that combat stress was evident within many of those who had served and this charity receives a lot of support from his company.

Tony then gave an insight into how he came to be chairman of the biggest care home company in Scotland.

Through hard work, and his entrepreneurial skills, the Balhousie Care Group employ about 1,100 people and care for about the same number within their various homes. Their headquarters are in Perth and the company had a turnover of about £30 million.

Tony held a captivated audience for about an hour without recourse to any notes or other materials.

He concluded by telling members he was passionate about the care of the elderly, compassion for veterans and his love of Scotland.

Probus vice-president Jim Ewing proposed a hearty vote of thanks.