Campaign tour visits Kirrie

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson M.S.P. addressed a meeting in Kirriemuir on Monday as part of a tour making the case for Scotland to remain in the UK.

She intends to visit towns and villages around the country over the coming weeks, encouraging people to have the confidence to go out and tell family, friends and neighbours to vote ‘No’ in the referendum on September 18.

The main message, shown on placards handed out to people at the events, is that people who want Scotland to remain part of the UK, should be “Proud to Vote No”.

Ruth Davidson said: “By voting ‘No thanks’, people in Kirriemuir are casting a patriotic vote, doing what’s best for Scotland. I will be on the campaign trail in the town urging people, who want to remain part of the greatest Union in history, to speak to their friends and neighbours and telling them what it is we have to gain and what it is we have to lose.

“The referendum in September is going to be the most important vote any of us cast in our lifetime. For me, there is too much to lose and too little to gain by breaking up Britain. There’s not a trial period - separation is forever.

“I also want to send a clear message to undecided voters who feel torn about the decision - with a ‘No’ vote you are backing a stronger Scotland which guarantees a more powerful Scottish Parliament.”