Campaign to help local people

The CALL Prevention Registry (CPR) is using prime time advertising slots to tell people how to protect themselves and their vulnerable relatives and friends from relentless telephone harassment

A television advertising campaign, initially on STV and then going national, advising telephone users how to protect themselves from the modern day plague that is unsolicited sales calls and telephone scams.

An average of 10 nuisance or silent calls, including PPI calls, are received by each household a week in Scotland, at the least wasting the recipients time, but in the case of more vulnerable citizens, including the elderly and those with health issues, cause for great confusion and anxiety.

Lee Hare of CPR said: “The objective of the TV advertising campaign is to let people know that there is a service and a solution available to everyone that will quite literally put an end to these calls at the touch of a button. We want to empower people once again to choose who they talk to and who they don’t.”

The timing of the advertising campaign corresponds with the start of an assistive technology trial which involves CPR, Trading Standards, Tayside Police, Angus Social Work & Health Department and Angus Care & Repair.

This anti telephone harassment trial will see call prevention technologies installed in the homes of vulnerable people across Angus and the findings used to help set strategies for protecting different profile groups from nuisance calls. The trial will run until the end of April and the findings will be available from early May.

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