Call for halting sites

Local MSP Nigel Don is raising the issue of providing halting sites for the Gypsy/traveller community around Scotland.

In a question to be asked in Parliament today (Thursday) Mr Don will argue for a national approach rather than a piecemeal council by council response.

Mr Don said: “The travelling community is made up of different groups who travel for different reasons, habitually go to different places and stay for variable lengths of time.

“It is very difficult for individual councils to put together strategies which add up to a national solution, and also extremely difficult for councillors to recommend sites within their wards as the settled community rarely see travellers as welcome neighbours, even though many groups cause no trouble whatever. It seems that this needs a national perspective and a national solution and, of course, it needs to be drawn up in consultation with Gypsy/travellers or it will be no solution at all.”