Call for crack-down on those who don’t maintain property

A CALL for Angus Council to crack down on those who do not properly maintain their property has been made by a resident in the west end of Forfar, following our front page story last week calling for residents in the east end to get their act together.

Last week we reported on a rallying call made by the Lordburn, Restenneth and Pitreuchie Action Group for residents to work together to improve their neighbourhood.

In response Scott Robertson e-mailed our office in Forfar to say, as a home owner, he was “absolutely dismayed” by those who fail to look after their property properly.

He called on Angus Council to give these residents an ultimatum and time-scale to act, and if they fail to do so then bill them for the work carried out to tidy up the area.

He said: “After reading the article of Forfar East end residents’ concerns over the condition of some areas I must point out there are also concerns for the west end.

“Taranty Road and all the roads running from it have a mixture of privately owned and rented properties.

“As a home owner there I am absolutely dismayed at the lack of pride, enthusiasm or will of some residents to lift a hand to properly maintain gardens, buildings and any associated out buildings.

“Now you probably think that I’m aiming this at the population who are leasing accommodation from the council. On the contrary. This, surprisingly enough, also includes many private home owners.

“The sort of laziness that is apparent are hedge rows that have been left to grow into 25ft monstrosities that block half of the public footpaths, trees left unattended so that they are so tall that their branches are interfering with phone lines and gutterings, not to mention the annual mush of berries staining door steps, but pruning is deemed too much like hard work.

“Wooden garages and sheds that haven’t had a coat of paint in decades and are too rotten to chance using. There are even sheds that have collapsed through rot and whose contents have spilled out not to even be stored away elsewhere.”

He questioned why the local authority could not step in to deal with the anti-social behaviour.

He continued: “What I want to know is if these residents, private or council, can’t be bothered doing their bit for the community then why don’t the authorities crack down on them?

“Why aren’t they told ‘you have two weeks to cut that down to a hedge, trim those branches, repair that shed etc, etc’ and if not, if the council has to do it then they will be billed for it?

“Why are we so soft or indifferent on this kind of anti-social behaviour?

“To have spent my hard earned cash on my home it is my right to protect the value of my interests and to expect others to also help to keep up high standards of the surrounding area.

“I have been fortunate enough to be in employment since leaving school at 16 years of age and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, so after 28 years of paying my taxes shouldn’t I and others of the same stance not have a council that supports us in wanting our town to be as good as we can make it?

“We are surrounded by decay, why help speed it up?”

When asked to comment on what steps the council can take to make those responsible tidy up their property, a spokesperson for Angus Council said:

“All tenants are reminded that as a condition of their tenancy they are required to keep their gardens and other areas around their house in good order, and where necessary, the council will take action to bring gardens up to a decent standard.”