Call for Common Good cash for toilets

Lochside Leisure Centre.
Lochside Leisure Centre.

Forfar’s four Angus councillors have joined together to make a plea for common good cash to be spent to provide toilets at the Forfar Loch Country Park.

With the closure of the Lochside Leisure Centre last month, independent councillors Ian McLaren and Colin Brown have joined forces with Scottish National Party members Glennis Middleton and Lynne Devine to get toilet provision in place at the earliest convenience.

They are unanimous in recommending Forfar Common Good Fund money be used if no other toilet provision is made available.

Councillor Ian McLaren told us: “Angus Council is not in a position to fund toilets – they are closing toilets.

“This is the only way I can see that we can get them.

“The Common Good Fund is for the people of Forfar; if Angus Council is not prepared to supply toilets then I think this is money wisely spent – if that is the only solution to the problem.”

He also called on better use of the toilet at the Forfar Loch Ranger Centre until a more permanent solution can be found.

He continued: “I feel there is a desperate need for it (toilet provision); it has to be done at this moment in time and during the interim period there is a toilet at the Ranger centre.”

Councillor Brown told us: “The need for toilet facilities at the Forfar Loch is now, whether they are temporary toilets until a more permanent solution is found. This is one of the most used parks in town - by walkers, dog walkers, children in school parties in the spring, summer and autumn for nature walks. I would support 100 per cent a contribution from the Forfar Common Good Fund.”

Councillor Middleton said: “Whilst I think the loos at the Ranger’s station are adequate in the interim, the Forfar members are in agreement they really need to look at something more long term.

“We would be quite happy to make a contribution from the Forfar Common Good to that end.

“There are no other toilet facilities nearby - there is the children’s play park, people who walk their dogs, people who just go for a walk round the loch - it is important that we provide facilities.”

Councillor Devine told us: “We are looking at this but need to wait for costings etc. to come through. There is clearly a need for toilets where we have both a playpark and a country park.”

When asked to comment on any plans for toilet provision at the country park, and the facility at the Ranger Centre, an Angus Council spokesman said: “The provision of toilet facilities in this area ended with the closure of the leisure centre and there are at present no plans to install new facilities.

“Council officers are currently involved in discussion with local elected members to see what options there might be for any alternative facilities.

“The toilet at the Forfar Loch Ranger Centre is not a public convenience.”