Call for advice on snow clearing

Isobel Ross
Isobel Ross

FORFAR Community Council is to invite a representatives from Angus Council’s roads department to a meeting in the spring to discuss procedures for snow clearing.

At their meeting last Thursday evening, members discussed the work done by the council to clear the various roads and pavements in and around Forfar.

Mrs Isobel Ross stressed the need to get the message out to the public about snow clearing, and that no-one will be sued if somebody then falls.

After the meeting she said: “We need to get the message out to the public, led by the council, that no-one will be sued.

“We also need to speak to the roads department for better snow clearing operations. I think there was a lack of co-ordination. We can maybe have a special meeting at the end of March, when the weather is on the turn, and we have had time to reflect.”

She said there were a number of issues which needed clarified, including why only one half of a road was cleared and why a ‘dug out’ wasn’t left for people to cross over main streets.

She also pointed out that, whilst the two high streets and Castle Street had been cleared, the roads leading onto them - Coutties Wynd, New Road, Victoria Street and Canmore Street - were left.

If they had been cleared she felt it would have helped people mover around the streets.

She also asked why the Myre and the East Greens Car park were left covered in snow.

“If they had been cleared they would have eased congestion on the street,” she added.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The advice from the First Minister relating to clearing of paths, given at the beginning of the winter, can be found at:

“Angus Council encourages self-help, as is stated in our Winter Road Treatment leaflet, which can be found on the council’s website at

“The council will be pleased to send a representative from roads services to a future meeting of the Community Council and looks forward to receiving an invitation to attend.”