Pricing inquiry

THE Forum of Private Business has welcomed an inquiry by the Office of Fair Trading into fuel pricing.

The OFT said it will conduct a six-week long investigation into how oil companies set prices, and also at how filling stations, particularly those owned by the supermarkets, set their prices.​

On our popular Facebook sites we asked “Do you feel you are paying too much for fuel and what lengths do you go to to get the best price. Do you go out of town to fill up?”

Among those who responded were Helen Real who worked for BP for years opposite a Shell garage. She said: “The prices went up at the same time, pricefixing? I go to Dundee to fill my car as the prices in Forfar are considerably higher.

“I hope the Office of Fair Trading can do something about the prices at the pump as these fuel companies should be accountable for the price hikes of recent years.”

Arthur Smith felt people should fill up at the smaller petrol stations. He said: “Everyone should boycott the big petrol stations on a certain day of the week. Imagine all across the country, nobody visiting Shell, BP etc. because they filled up a day earlier somewhere smaller, be like a two day hit on them.”

Gordon Farmer pointed out 60% of fuel is taxed so without it we would be around 57p for diesel.

He added: “They have found new ways to get fuel and found that there is no longer such a shortage which was part of the excuse of fuel costs rising.”

On our Kirriemuir Herald Facebook site Eddie Anderson asked: “Is there anyone out there who feels they are not paying enough for fuel? Who is it that is actually pushing the cost up? It most certainly is not all down to oil companies setting higher prices.

“The government is taxing us off the roads, they are crippling any business that depends on the haulage industry to deliver goods, any company that runs a fleet of cars or vans.”

Angus MP Mike Weir said: “The rising costs of fuel are causing severe hardship to many households in Angus.”

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