Letham homes affected by flooding

A CONCERNED reader contacted the Dispatch after hearing about residents suffering opposite a new housing development.

The problem is believed to be caused by an access road which was built for entry into the housing development in Letham.

Local man Kenneth McAulay described the situation as “disgraceful” and said: “The residents of East Hemming Street, who are adjacent to Scotia Homes’ new development, at Idvies View, find their gardens flood everytime there is heavy rain.”

He added: “Scotia say they have complied with requirements from Angus Council Planning Department and Angus Council say they can’t help. It just beggars belief! It was suggested to try drain rods but there are no drains, that is the problem. Somebody needs to help these people as they find themselves defenceless against big business and the local government.”

Councillor David Lumgair, who stays at the new housing development at Idvies View, said: “I have spoken to a representative at Scotia Homes and they are happy to investigate the problem. There are a couple of houses affected when there is heavy rain. Scotia Homes is also looking into getting the road adopted by Angus Council.”

Avril Finnie who stays at one of the affected properties said: “Since the housing development was built two years ago, my garden has suffered severe flooding.”

She described the situation as “absolutely ridiculous” and “soul destroying.” She added: “About one foot of water forms in the back garden. Once it eventually evaporates it takes weeks to dry out and my garden is now not fit for growing plants or vegetables.”

She has heard nothing back about the flooding situation from Scotia Homes and has had no acknowledgement in regards to the issue.

Avril said: “I’m worried about the foundations of my home and if I ever want to sell it, it’s now in a flood plain.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “At present, the roads and drainage are still the responsibility of the builders until such time as the council adopts the roads.”

Martin Bruce the Managing Director for Scotia Homes said: “In extreme and prolonged wet weather conditions, a property on East Hemming Street adjacent to Scotia’s development at Idvies View, Letham, is affected, whereby part of the rear garden becomes waterlogged. The property sits at the lowest level in a row of other established properties and takes the run off water from these. Drainage from The Square and this row of existing properties appears to be ineffective and therefore water is running off onto each neighbour.

“Scotia have constructed their development in accordance with the plans approved by Angus Council and do not accept liability for water run off caused by ineffective drainage elsewhere. However, as a gesture of goodwill Scotia will arrange a meeting with the owner of the affected property to hopefully identify any potential measures which may mitigate impact during extreme wet weather conditions.”