Forfar Costa dubbed “unsupervised youth club”

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Hordes of youths are ‘invading’ a coffee shop in Forfar and disturbing other customers with their noisy antics.

So says customer Suzanne Milne, who claims groups of under-16s are camping out in the Costa franchise on Castle Street for hours on end with many of them not buying beverages.

However, a spokeswoman for Costa said staff at the shop had not received any complaints in-store nor had any been made to the company’s customer service team about the issue.

Suzanne said: “Like many, I was pleased to see the arrival of Costa Coffee in Forfar’s town centre. However, this has now turned to disappointment as it is rapidly turning into an unsupervised youth club. Hordes of under-16s ‘invade’ the café, taking over the seating upstairs and making a racket.

“Most of them don’t even buy refreshments. One or two buy a juice and the rest just hang onto their coattails.

“I was in Costa one Saturday afternoon with a friend and the upstairs noise was so great, we could hardly hear ourselves speak. There were youngsters downstairs too but they weren’t quite so noisy. Folk were coming in and couldn’t find seating because of this.

“This is a café for adults and families, it is not an unsupervised youth club/crèche.

“Weekends do make it worse but it can happen after school on weekdays too.

“Please sort this before folk start voting with their feet.”

The Costa spokeswoman said now the issue had been brought to workers’ attention they will keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t impact on customers’ experience.

She added: “Our team’s core focus is to serve handcrafted coffees and drinks for our customers to enjoy in a warm and welcoming store environment.

“They are always available should customers have any concerns.”