Concerns for the future of UK farming

Many FARMERS and landowners in the UK are concerned about the future of the industry, according to research carried out ahead of Energy Now Expo 2013.

Nearly half (42 per cent) of farmers and landowners expressed concerns, however 95 per cent believe that renewable energy will play a vital role in the future of farming in the UK.

The research has revealed that although many farmers are researching renewable energy solutions for their business, over half find the available options confusing and are discovering there are many issues preventing them from installing technology. Planning permission issues, lack of understanding about the range of options and inability to pay up-front costs are some of the main barriers. However, all of these can be addressed by partnering with the right renewable energy solution providers.

A high proportion (87.8 per cent) of those surveyed have already researched energy solutions and nearly two thirds (60.3 per cent) have installed some form of renewable energy technology. 70.2 per cent estimate that their installed renewable energy technology will save them up to £25K over five years. 5.4 per cent believe they will save £1 million plus.