Champion win at the RHS

Colin Smith with Supreme Champion Highland Cow at the Highland Show.
Colin Smith with Supreme Champion Highland Cow at the Highland Show.

A KIRRIEMUIR man took the honour of leading out the Supreme Champion Highland Cow at this year’s Royal Highland Show.

Colin Smith (19), a former pupil of Webster’s High School, led out Eilidh 3rd of Roisbheinn to victory in the 2-year old heifer class before winning the Supreme Championship later in the day.

Colin, who was leading out for his grandfather Alan Blackburn, said: “It was quite an honour to lead out the Supreme Champion, it was amazing.

“There was quite a good atmosphere at the show especially when you walk out at the grand parade and there is this sea of people watching.”

This was Colin’s first time leading out at the Highland Show but he has been helping out his grandparents with their Highland Cattle for many years. However, he says the Highland Show win had a special relevance for him. Colin explained: “The first show I did on my own was at Perth last August and it was her [Eilidh] first show as well. So it was quite fitting that we started out together and now we have moved on together and won this Championship.”

It was only relatively recently that Colin began to take such an interest in helping out his grandparents with their herd. He said: “They have had Highland Cattle since I was young but they used to live near Fort William so I could only really help out on holiday’s. Since they moved to Caputh in Perthshire I have been able to help out a lot more.”

Colin says that he loves the showing aspect of helping out with the cattle especially with this breed in particular. He said: “Out of all the cows, Highland Cattle are the most beautiful.

“I think it’s really cool to see the transformation from bringing them in from the field when they are all muddy to getting them looking ready to show.”

He added: “It’s hard work getting them to look good with all the washing and drying - we use a lot of expensive hair products on them!”