Burning questions answered

THE SECOND community campus consultation evening was attended by around 40 people on Wednesday evening.

After a presentation and workshop from the development team about the initial plans for the hub, members of the public had their chance to ask about the issues most important to them.


A number of questions were raised about access to the new community campus. Participants in the workshops asked what roads would be most affected - the Kirrie road or Taylor Street. There were also concerns about increased use late at night and pedestrian access.

Gordon Cargill, project manager, said: “Many of the issues raised have been about access to the hub. People have also asked where the school buses etc. will go.

“At the moment we do not have absolute answers to these questions but as we go ahead with the plans for the hub we will take advice from the roads department.

“The Kirrie road would seem to be the most feasible access route and this could help with some of Taylor Street’s problems.

“We would also like to encourage green travel wherever possible and will make the site as accessible as possible to buses and pedestrians.”

Existing Facilities

A number of people asked what would happen to existing facilities such as the swimming pool, leisure centre, putting greens and tennis courts.

Alistair Wilson, council officer, said: “There are no plans at the moment for the swimming pool or the leisure centre. They will be surplus to requirements but that is not in the current thinking.

“We will consider other things such as pitches etc. at the Leisure Centre.

“The swimming pool is more likely to be put to a different use as it will fall under the assets transfer remit for community benefit.”

Public Transport

Concerns were raised that the site is too far out of the town to be easily accessible to some local people, especially those in the east end and west end.

Gordon Cargill said: “We will be discussing options with our transport colleagues about the potentials for the site.

“The whole council budget is under pressure at the moment but we will see with the master plan whether there is potential with existing routes.

“We will take transport issues on board throughout the planning process to make it as accessible as we possibly can.”

Shared Facilities

Some wondered if problems could arise from shared facilities with the school pupils and general public.

Gordon Cargill said: “Montrose, Arbroath and Webster’s in Kirriemuir are all in a similar situation and they manage well. It’s all down to clever design and proper management to make sure it works well.”

Existing School Site

One of the most pressing questions was what will become of the current school site when it is demolished.

Gordon Cargill said: “We will engage the public in consultation about this. There is a possibility the existing site will be built upon but we will also have to continue to provide the current sporting facilities.”

At the moment, it is not known exactly what will happen on the site.

The development team also said that there will be opportunities for local businesses to tender and that they will be engaged throughout the hub building process. It was also confirmed that there will be room for expansion should the school ever need to be extended for increased capacity.