Blast of wintry weather in Angus

WEDNESDAY’S snowy blast across Angus, in a short space of time, caused chaos for motorists.

The weather hit areas far worse than what forecasters had predicted.

Traffic slowed as the heavy snow covered roads, schools closed early and there were many minor road incidents reported across the county.

The snow caused disruption to public transport with the Stagecoach bus from Forfar to Dundee service suffering with delays after one of the buses became stuck in Dundee.

Motorists spent as long as two hours stuck in slow moving traffic between Forfar and Dundee during the worst of the snowfall and the bad weather continued throughout the day with a number of Angus schools closing early in order to allow the children to get home before travel routes became worse.

A driver had a lucky escape after his blue van flipped over on to its roof on the A90 near Gallowfauld on the northbound side of the dual carriageway at around 12 noon.

The van ended up in a ditch following the incident and the 72-year-old male driver was taken to Ninewells Hospital after suffering a slight injury to his neck.

A jackknifed lorry caused a blockage on the carriageway near Edzell at around 4 p.m. and subsequently caused major tailbacks and a brief closure on the southbound lanes of the A90.

Police warned drivers to take extra care on the roads, particularly on higher ground.

The gritters were out in force to try and keep the region’s traffic moving.

It is advised by Angus Council that if you are out and about during adverse weather to bear in mind that the council cannot clear all routes at all times, and so to take account of the weather conditions and drive appropriately.

Drivers are reminded that even roads which have been gritted may be prone to icing during periods of cold weather because salt is less effective when there is intermittent rainfall or when temperatures fall below -5ºC.

When driving in adverse weather, motorists are reminded that road conditions vary with the weather and can change quickly and that rain and sleet can wash salt from the road leaving it prone to icing.