Big Screen

Here’s the plot pitch – female blessed/saddled with immortality is forced to re-assess her life when she falls for a mere mortal.

Sorry, chaps. In terms of originality that’s a ‘nil pwan’.

Tolkien got there first with eternally existing Elfin princess Arwen falling for heroic homo sapien Aragorn in The Lord of The Rings.

That aside, let’s not be too harsh with Life of Adaline.

It’s not aiming to be anything more than a fantasy romance epic, and as far as that remit goes, it’s Cupid’s arrow is bang on its heart-shaped target.

The action kicks off and the body clock stops for young Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) in 1929.

Her car is involved in a major fender bender. She is about to die in the wreckage, when she is struck by lightning, which magically alters her cell structure and renders her immortal.

The best part of a century passes, but not without problems for the forever youthful Adaline, not the least of them being how to deal with an octogenarian daughter. She finds the best way to get by in her unique predicament is to just keep herself to herself.

But then she meets big cheese of hi-tech Ellis Jones (Michiel ‘Game of Thrones’ Huisman) and she is soon smitten to the point that she decides to break her own rules for eternal living, a move which has complex consequences.

Also opening at the end of the week is big Game (12A). When Air Force One is shot down over Finland by terrorist, The Prez (Samuel L Jackson) lands safely in an escape pod, but soon the bad guys are on his trail. However, a 13-year-old hunter comes to his aid and together they battle both the wilderness and their pursuers.

ROSEWATER (15) is based on the memoirs of London-based journalist Maziar Bahan (Gael García Bernal) who, in 2009, after filing 
reports concerning a crackdown on protesters in Iran, was detained, tortured and interrogated there for 118 days.