Big Litter Pick cleans the streets

CLEAN UP: Asda employees and members of the community clean up The Glens.
CLEAN UP: Asda employees and members of the community clean up The Glens.

The GLENS area of Forfar was given a clean up when colleagues from Asda joined forces with members of the community as part of its ‘Big Litter Pick’ initiative.

Volunteers met at the store at 10.30am last Tuesday before they were split into groups. As there were so many people offering their services, the area had to be widened to include both Reid Park and Steele Park.

The children cleared the parks and then, once they had left, all of the Asda colleagues joined together in a team to clean the glen and the surrounding streets.

The volunteers finished off about 2pm in the afternoon.

A total of 108 litter pickers were involved, including representatives from the Glens Reunited Action Group, Councillor Lynne Devine and three classes from Langlands Primary School joined in the fun, with a group of 90 school children.

There were 10 Asda Forfar colleagues who were involved including the store manager, Robert Hallyburton.

At the end of the litter pick later on in the day, an impressive 18 bags of rubbish were collected and removed from the Glens area of the town.

Andrea Logan, the community colleague at Asda in Forfar, said: “We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who will be joining us on our Big Litter Pick. We hope what we have been doing will make a difference; we are proud of where we live and work and strive to make it an attractive, safe and clean place to be a part of.”

Since the Big Litter Pick, the store’s Facebook page has had residents saying thank you to all of those who cleaned the rubbish away.