BFG set to be staged at the Reid Hall...

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Rehearsals are well under way for Forfar Dramatic Society’s forthcoming production of Roald Dahl’s, ‘The BFG – The Big Friendly Giant’.

Casting is now complete and rehearsals are progressing well.

Ewan Phillip has been cast as The BFG, with Elaine Hewitson taking the role of Sophie. The other actors playing an assortment of characters are Neil Paterson, Linda McLaren, Kay Brown, Bill Atkinson, Louise Cumming and Grahame Miller.

Director Christopher Hewitson is relishing the task of overseeing what promises to be a spectacular family show.

Backstage work is at an advanced stage with lots of the scenery already constructed.

Stage director David Allen has been extremely busy having put in a power of work constructing ‘giant’ furniture to fit the large Reid Hall stage.

Roald Dahl’s classic book has been adapted for the stage by David Wood, who cleverly uses a framing device to relate the story.

Sophie is celebrating her birthday with her friends, and they act out Sophie’s favourite story – ‘The BFG’, which tells a tale about the 24-feet-high Big Friendly Giant and a little orphan and brings to the stage some of Dahl’s most memorable characters.

The BFG and Sophie team up to save the children of England from the child-eating giants Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater, Bonecruncher, Meatdripper, Childchewer, and Gizzardgulper.

They are assisted by the Queen of England and the heads of the army and airforce with their helicopters.

Locations include the BFG’s cave in Giant Country, Dream Country and Buckingham Palace.

The production is certain to be extremely popular and is being staged in the Reid Hall from Thursdayto Saturday, June 4 - 6, at 7.30pm with a matinee performance at 2.30 o n the Saturday.