Bedroom tax exemptions

NIGEL Don, the MSP for Angus North and Mearns, has welcomed the news that Iain Duncan Smith, the secretary for work and pensions, announced exemptions to the ‘bedroom tax’ for military families, foster carers and disabled children.

Mr Don said: “Not often do we hear good news from the Tories but this is one piece I’ll happily take. Our soldiers, sailors and airman have had enough problems with cutbacks, relocations, redundancies and more frequent active service postings. The last thing they needed was another kick in the teeth by way of their parents being taxed on their bedroom while they are away fighting for their country abroad. I hope that Westminster will realise the real effect that this tax will have on families, and will abandon the proposal in its entirety.”

He also welcomed the exemptions to foster carers and disabled children and noted overall the ‘bedroom tax’ will push half a million more children into poverty.