Battle not yet over for Dunnichen site

RECENT press reports concerning the historic Battle of Dunnichen site has prompted Historic Scotland to re-iterate its stance on the site’s inclusion on its inventory of Scottish battlefields.

Three weeks ago the Dispatch and Herald broke the news that the national body had carried out a consultation process as part of its project to produce a definitive inventory of historic battlefields, and the site outside Letham had been omitted.

Local historian Jim McGugan, along with Edinburgh-based Graeme Cruickshank, hit out at the decision.

Their views were further supported by the Dunnichen Heritage Society.

The society also wrote to the Historic Scotland Inspectorate stating it was “most disconcerting to find that the Battle of Dunnichen is not to be included in the inventory of historic battles.”

The comments prompted Historic Scotland to re-issue its statement from the beginning of February which offers a glimmer of hope for local campaigners.

A spokeswoman for Historic Scotland said: “This is the first stage of the compilation of the Inventory of Scottish Battlefields and more sites will be added later.

“We are happy to consider the inclusion of the Battle of Dunnichen at a later stage.”