Sir, When is enough really enough? I am surprised to see that the adventures of Guild Homes has become a serialised cartoon.

The latest episode includes a list of rhetorical questions directed at the wrong people, as all the answers were included within the sheaf of papers given to councillors and people attending the Webster's meeting.

In addition, representatives from each affected department were on hand to provide any additional information required .

The meeting did raise some important questions, namely were the council informed about the interest of ASDA in Forfar before the meeting?

Were they aware of any affect the decision on Kirriemuir might have on the interest of ASDA in Forfar?

Were they made aware that the refusal of permission for the Gairie site would most likely be overturned at appeal, in view of the Local Plan approved policies.

Finally a question for Guild Homes. Who do they realistically believe will be interested in large scale retail shopping within Kirriemuir, Particularly in the present circumstance with the Co-op and three neighbourhood shops.

I, for one, would be most interested to know the name of such a retailer, as would people residing within Kirriemuir, whether or not it is to be at the Gairie or Pathhead.

I fear the decision has already been taken and Kirriemuir has missed its best chance of retail expansion.

However I have every confidence that the representatives of Kirriemuir along with the council will in fact have to answer to the people for their decisions, and that will be at the ballot box.

Yours etc.,

Alan Bell,