Bakery could soon enjoy fruits of its labours

Scottish Baker of the Year 2016
Scottish Baker of the Year 2016

Keptie Bakery is delighted to announce that their Fruit Scone has made it to the shortlist in the Scottish Baker of the Year 2016 competition.

Over 15,000 customers from across Scotland have voted for their favourite bakery products across six categories and on March 31, almost 100 bakers delivered 650 of the most popular products in the land for scrutiny by a panel of 50 expert and independent judges.

With a sea of baked goods, the judges had a hard task tasting, smelling and squishing each and every item to shortlist the best products in the land.

“We took delivery of hundreds of excellent scones, loaves, savoury items, morning rolls, individual cakes and biscuits made by bakers and our judges, led by head judge Robert Ross, have once again done us proud, we have a strong shortlist to take forward to the next stage” commented Scottish Bakers Chief Executive Alan Clarke.

TV judge and celebrity cake-designer Mich Turner MBE, who will be presenting the awards, said: “The judges are used to hard work I know but 650 products in one day is a lot! Well done to them and good luck to all the bakers who have been shortlisted. I look forward to being surprised and delighted when I announce the winners in Glasgow.”

2015 winner Gordon McGhee of McGhee’s Bakery in Glasgow said: “Since winning, our business has gone from strength to strength and we have been able to share our success with all of our customers by continuing to provide the best baked goods day in and day out. We wish everyone all the best for this year’s competition.”

Each category has been divided into three regions with judges awarding regional Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. All shortlisted bakers will be invited to a prestigious ceremony in May.

All of the regional winners will also be judged on a national level meaning that they could be recognised as having made the best bakery product in Scotland.

And then the competition moves to a business footing. Category winners will be invited to put forward a case to be considered for Scottish Baker of the Year. All of the awards will be presented by Mich who is backing the competition.

The final results will remain a closely guarded secret until May 7, when Mich will announce the results and also crown the Scottish Baker of the Year 2016, a crown currently held by McGhee’s Bakery.

Scottish Bakers was established in 1891 and since then have represented and promoted the interests of the bakery trade in Scotland. They aim to be an integral part of each member’s business by providing support for Bakers of all sizes. They provide a valuable source of help, advice, information, assistance and skills development for bakers throughout Scotland. Most importantly, Scottish Bakers belongs to its members and exist for their benefit. They are proud of their motto “for the good of all.”