Award-winning photographer launches campaign for landmark red squirrel book

One of Neil's stunning images.
One of Neil's stunning images.

Award-winning wildlife photographer Neil McIntyre has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £25,000 for a stunning new book.

Entitled, The Red Squirrel: A future in the forest, the book will showcase his life’s work with red squirrels and their precious forest home. This astonishing portfolio of jaw-dropping images will be accompanied by the words of celebrated author Polly Pullar, whilst also raising awareness of the plight of the red squirrel. With native woodland now covering just two per cent of Scotland’s land area, red squirrel populations are fragmented on isolated islands of trees and their long-term future is uncertain.

In collaboration with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a project which aspires to amplify the case for a wilder Scotland, Neil launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, on November 1, to raise the production costs of the book, which will be published in early Spring.

Neil says: “I’ve been dreaming of showcasing red squirrels in a book for many years and my collaboration with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture provides the perfect platform to realise that dream. The images have all been captured, Polly Pullar has done a brilliant job writing the text, so now we just have to raise the funds to get the book in front of as many people as possible and that’s why I’m asking for help.”

Throughout November, the campaign will offer a range of exclusive rewards, including signed books, limited edition prints and personal photography workshops with Neil, in return for funding donations.

Peter Cairns, the inspiration behind SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, said: “I have known Neil for almost twenty years and I don’t know of anyone with a greater appreciation for these charming woodland animals. His images are unrivalled and it is a huge pleasure to be able to help bring this book to life.”

In Polly Pullar’s own words, “a world without the red squirrel’s endearing arboreal acrobatics is too catastrophic to contemplate.”

The Red Squirrel: A future in the forest crowdfunding campaign is running on Kickstarter until December 1.