Auditions continue for Toto

Dorothy (Lucy McLaren) with Taff and Poppy.
Dorothy (Lucy McLaren) with Taff and Poppy.

The Rising Youngstars carried out auditions last Sunday for the final star in their show, Toto from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Although there had been expressions of interest on the group’s Facebook page and other areas, unfortunately no dogs turned up for the audition on Sunday.

A spokeswoman said: “We were lucky to have a couple of our cast’s family dogs turn up for a photo shoot and, as you can see, they loved getting their photograph taken with our Dorothy (Lucy McLaren).

“Taff is a white haired West Highland terrier and Poppy a dark Bushland terrier. They live with the Paterson family - Cerys and Heather are in the show and their mum Charlotte does a great job doing our set and props and her husband, Richie gets roped in to help backstage during the week of the show so it is a family affair.

“Although the dogs were fantastic during our photo shoot they are a little bigger than what we would like as Dorothy at certain times during the show has to pick up and hold Toto.”

The Rising Youngstars asks anyone with a small terrier type dog, like Toto, who enjoys being with children, likes the spotlight and is free the first week in February 2015 to be in the show to get in touch.

The dog would need to be used to loud noises, children and enjoy being a star.

If your dog is suitable please contact Rachel Stephens on 07885 737279.