Assurances over ‘Rosie Roadie’

Part of the Rosie Roadie leading from the Arbroath to Montrose Road.
Part of the Rosie Roadie leading from the Arbroath to Montrose Road.

Fears that access to part of the popular ‘Rosie Roadie’ public footpath may be lost to make way for a housing development have been allayed.

Following a public meeting and exhibition last Wednesday by Forfar-based Gowanbank LLP, members of Forfar Community Council discussed the proposals at their meeting the following evening.

Members were concerned about access to the site and the possible loss of the public right of way which links the Arbroath Road with the Montrose Road.

Part of the ‘Rosie Roadie’, which is included in the Forfar Path Network, is used to access a small number of houses while the main access and egress will be from a road created on the site of a current house on the Arbroath Road.

In total the developer is hoping to build 60 houses on the Gowanbank site.

Community councillors expressed their concerns about part of the Rosie Roadie being utilised to access the site, with the fear that a precedent may be set.

One asked: “What is to stop the developer then asking for access on to the Montrose Road using the rest of the path?”

Chairwoman Isobel Ross added: “They are taking away the start of the Rosie Roadie. Historically, people have been walking along this road since Adam was a boy. This could set a precedent.”

However, Maria Francké, planning consultant for Gowanbank LLP, gave her assurance that the Rosie Roadie was a public right of way and would continue to be so.

She confirmed the path was not the main access into the site but that a bungalow had been purchased which would be demolished to make way for an access road.

She said: “We had a public meeting on Wednesday which was very well attended. There were over 30 people attending over a three-hour period as part of the pre-application consultation.

“The important thing to remember is that this an indicative plan for illustration purposes and that there is no planning application at the moment. We are at a very early stage with the layout plan.

“The Rosie Roadie is a public right of way and the developer has no intention at all to develop on it. It runs from the Arbroath Road to Montrose Road and people have to be able to walk from one end of the site to the other.

“The developer’s intention is for full public access across the site. The plan we tabled was for illustration purposes only to assist the local community to get a feel for it.”

Anyone wishing to submit comments on the proposed development, as part of the pre-application consultation, can do so either in writing to Maria Francké, 15 Maple Road, Glasgow, G41 5DB or by email to