Assurances made by local authority

Kirriemuir War Memorial
Kirriemuir War Memorial

Angus Council has made assurances that a body of research on the Kirriemuir War Memorial has been handled correctly.

Margaret Thorburn, who undertook research into the memorial over a period of nine months, claimed that the research was not available to the public as agreed.

She also claimed that Angus Council had not paid her expenses, as previously agreed, and that she had not been given a proper ‘thank you’ for undertaking and completing the research.

In a letter to the Dispatch and Herald, Mrs Thorburn said: “On October 18 I travelled to Kirriemuir and presented my research files to the Glens Museum.

“It is now over 11 weeks since I submitted details of my expenses and I have yet to receive payment.

“To make matters worse I have not received an official nor an unofficial ‘thank you’ from all but one of the organisations who were to receive copies of my work.

“I called unannounced at the Museum in Kirriemuir on November 14 and was shocked to discover the paper files are not there.

“They were taken away within a couple of hours of them being donated to allow copies to be made for other venues and have not been returned.”

However, Angus Council has clarified the situation and says that the books will be on display and that the expenses will be paid.A council spokeswomansaid: “We would like to thank Ms Thorburn once again for her research.

“We believe it is a fabulous piece of work and will be a great reference for those seeking information, especially as the commemorations for the First World War are being planned in 2014.

“Councillor Ronnie Proctor and council officials thanked Ms Thorburn in person on October 18 and wrote out to thank her upon receipt of the research. We can also confirm that we are currently reproducing her work to be passed out to the places agreed with Ms Thorburn. As this is extensive work, it takes time to make sure the work is carried out to a high standard.

“The electronic copy, which is currently available at the Gateways to the Glens Museum, has attracted a lot of interest from the public. We have been pleased to share this news with Ms Thorburn and we can also confirm that a cheque has been raised for her expenses.”