ASDA delivers the goods

WITH only weeks left until the opening of the new Forfar ASDA store, concerns were raised last week that the company was to change delivery times to service the store in St James Road round the clock.

However, a statement issued by the company on Monday was quick to dispel fears raised at Forfar Community Council last Thursday evening, with a spokesman stating a planning application will be submitted to Angus Council which would extend the hours they deliver, but that would not include deliveries over a 24-hour period.

The move came to light in correspondence received by the community council which intimated the supermarket giant was to propose a variation of one of the conditions for their planning permission which restricted loading or unloading of service vehicles out-with the hours of 7 am and 11 pm.

There was some confusion round the table as to what the change would mean for those living near the development in St James Road and New Road, with the fear that, now the building is almost complete, the company is to apply for a change in the hours in which it can deliver goods to the store.

Whilst members welcomed the widening of St James Road and the formation of a bus bay, they were concerned the company was to make changes to its original application which would have consequences for those living in the vicinity.

They noted the supermarket giant intended to hold an exhibition where further information relating to their proposals would be made available to the public.

Members were anxious to learn what impact the changes to the delivery times would have on what is already a busy road, and to residents in New Road, St James Road and The Vennel.

After the meeting chairman Mrs Isobel Ross urged those living within the vicinity of the store to attend the company’s public exhibition to ask their own questions about the implications.

She said: “To be honest, their application is a bit vague. I would like to know what the actual hours are that they are planning.

“Everybody round the table had the same sort of feeling - if you are living next to a supermarket you don’t want juggernauts coming in during the night, on a 24 hour basis.

“Delivering from 7 am to 11 pm is fine but what do they want to change it to - will they be coming in at four or six in the morning, is it to be six to midnight? They should have clarified what their hours would be.

“I would suggest near neighbours, people living in New Road, St James Road and Lour Road, go to the exhibition and ask their own questions to find out for themselves.”

When asked to clarify their plans on Monday a company spokesman said: “ASDA is intending to submit a planning application to vary the delivery hours at our Forfar store. The application, which includes a period of public consultation, will seek to extend the hours we can deliver to the store.

“This is to ensure the store can operate and we can provide our customers with a great range of ASDA products at low prices. The application, however, does not include deliveries over a twenty four hour period.”