Army Reserves get to grip with Glamis

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Angus Reservists were on their home turf at the weekend as they undertook training ‘behind enemy lines’ near Glamis.

The men and women of ‘A’ Company, 7 SCOTS, 51st Highland Brigade, infiltrated the Strathmore Estates for Exercise Iron Harrow, a weekend-long refresher on infantry skills.

From Friday night until Sunday afternoon the Army Reservists from Angus, Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth and points in between carried out night patrols, practiced running an observation post or O.P. and also attacked an enemy O.P. in various unit strengths.

Major Gus Cameron, an employee of the Strathmore Estate, has been looking forward to putting his place of work to a different use for some time.

He explained: “I’ve been employed now at the Strathmore Estates for nearly 20 years and it’s always been an idea of mine to bring the troops up. Now I’m in a position as commander of ‘A’ Company to use my small powers of persuasion to influence the estate and let us do it. And I’m very grateful to Strathmore Estates for letting us bring the guys out here.

“It’s been brilliant from Stage One. We harboured up last night (Friday), the guys came in from three different locations, we were all in quite early, battle preparation and then out onto the field for the exercise.

“Everything is going according to plan just now, the ground dictates well for infantry work and it’s going extremely well.

“We get tasked with all sorts in the modern Army Reserves and we don’t get enough time to soldier, real infantry soldier work, and this is something we can now build upon and have continued exercises in the future.

“It [Strathmore Estate] lends itself well to what we require and I’ll certainly be pushing for it in the future.

“The workrate, you could see there just in that final exercise, it’s hard graft, and when you see them sweating on something that you’ve planned, you get a lot of feedback from it. It’s what makes it all worthwhile in the end.”

Lt. Col. Piers Strudwick, commanding officer of 7SCOTS, was there observing Ex. Iron Harrow and added: “We’re very grateful to Strathmore Estates for allowing us to train on here, it’s not something we get a lot of opportunity to do, and when we do, we’re very grateful. The country is absolutely fantastic and wood blocks and so forth are what we need for dismounted infantry training.

“I think today has achieved all of the objectives which we set. It’s brought together folk from all over and they’ve come together to concentrate on basic skills and drills and improving their teamwork and how they work as individuals inside the team, and how that team can then go on and achieve objectives. That’s been a huge success.”