Are you eligible for ‘see me’ grant?

MSP for Angus South, Graeme Dey, has encouraged groups in his constituency to apply to the ‘see me’ campaign, which highlights awareness of mental health issues facing Scots, for their new grant scheme.

The scheme will see £10,000 distributed amongst groups in the NHS Tayside area.

The ‘see me’ campaign are providing £85,000 across Scotland through the Local Grant Scheme and Equality Fund to organisations which are new and innovative, and which increase awareness of the stigma associated with mental ill-health and are proactively working to tackle it in Angus.

Mr Dey said: “Mental health issues are far too often stigmatised in society despite the fact almost everyone will know a friend or family member who at some point will face such a challenge in their life.

“The work that goes on locally in Angus is vital to making such prejudices a thing of the past in our modern and forward-looking Scotland, and I would encourage any group contributing to this to apply to the ‘see me’ campaign to see if they can get a grant to give a financial boost to local projects.

“Any organisation in Angus South who thinks they may be eligible for a grant should get in touch with the ‘see me’ campaign via their website at I am sure many of our local efforts meet the criteria ‘see me’ are looking for, and organisations looking to get some help need to apply by September 1.

“I wish all my constituency groups the very best of luck to get further recognition for their crucial local work to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.”