Appeal for applications

Aberlemno Parent Council is inviting parents to apply for nursery places at the village pimary school, with a view to reopening their nursery.

The school nursery closed in 2010 after numbers dropped below a sustainable level and since then the parent council has been working hard to reopen it.

Polly Milne, chairwoman, said:“We are asking parents with children aged 3 or 4 to please put in an application for the nursery. You don’t need to live within the catchment area either, though it helps, some of our schoolchildren come from Forfar and Brechin.’

The existing nursery has been inspected by the Care Inspectorate and steps for improvement will be addressed, but without applications for places, the Parent Council is unable to prove there is a demand for the nursery.

Angus Council is also being urged to address the school’s catchment area of the school which parents say is too small to allow the school to develop and grow.

Mrs Milne added: “Despite Whitehills Primary being stretched to the point of overcrowding, their catchment area stretches half way between Forfar and Aberlemno. Surely it would make more sense for those children living outside of Forfar to attend Aberlemno?”

Parents who would like to apply to send their children to Aberlemno nursery, can contact the school on 01307 473680.