Another fine mess!

Mrs Isobel Ross with Susan Russell and her four children on the path which is littered with dogs' mess.
Mrs Isobel Ross with Susan Russell and her four children on the path which is littered with dogs' mess.

IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are making life a misery for parents and children outside Whitehills Primary School.

The path leading from Service Road to Prior Road is littered with dogs’ mess and last Wednesday Mrs Isobel Ross, chairman of Forfar Community Council, called time on those who persistently fail to pick up after their pets.

Three generations were met with a disgusting trail of dirt - right outside the infant block.

Children dashing out of school were met with cries of “watch your feet” as they tried to negotiate yet another pile of filth.

Mums pushing buggies and grand-parents doing the “school-run” all tried to steer their charges round the obstacles which were on both sides of the path, as well as on the grass verge.

One grand-parent hit out at those responsible stating that, even if signs were put up, “dogs can’t read signs”

She said: “I feel like getting a shovel and cleaning this up myself. By the size of this mess, this is a big dog and it looks like the same dog is doing this. Where are the wardens?”

Another grand-father quipped: “That wasn’t a dog, that was an elephant!”

Susan Russell, who has three children at the school and one at nursery, also hit out at those who failed to pick up after their dogs.

She told the “Dispatch”: “I complained to the council a few weeks ago when the path was really slippy as it hadn’t been salted. Whilst I was on to the council, I said the dogs’ mess on the path was ridiculous. The path is used every day by school children. The mess is every day. My daughter has walked through it. I am a dog owner myself and I can’t understand why people just wouldn’t pick it up. It’s just silliness, thoughtless, it’s not good at all.”

Mrs Ross added: “I would say to these dog owners, if it was your children, would you like them to walk through this? If you don’t, then that’s the answer. There is no excuse for this. We recently got salt bins, I am now going to ask for a dog bin. We need to get this stopped. This is the worst it has been for some time, but it has been all the time. This is just disgraceful, all these deposits within 20 yards from the school gates. And that’s not saying what is maybe further up the path and round the corner.

“The path is well used by school children as well as members of the public as a short-cut.

“I am going to shout for a dog bin now. We will soon be getting into the better weather so I hope it doesn’t increase. I would ask the dog wardens to come up here and have a look. I think it’s time some fines were handed out.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Angus Council is aware of problems with dog fouling in the area surrounding Whitehills School. The community wardens service had identified the area as requiring attention through their reporting and analysis processes.

“Dog fouling is a concern for all residents of Angus and we are keen to work with responsible dog owners and the public to tackle the problem.

“The community wardens service has carried out numerous patrols in the area since complaints were first received mid-January and will continue to patrol the area and carry out enforcement action where possible. The wardens have also spoken to residents, the local school crossing patroller and local dog walkers in an attempt to identify the culprit dog(s) and owner(s).

“To assist in resolving the problem and to allow clean-ups to take place, we would encourage residents to continue to report dog fouling and offending dog owners to the ACCESSline on 08452 777 778.”