Anna’s exhibition flies in to Bank Street

The Bank Street Gallery in Kirriemuir continues in its quest to bring the very best of contemporary art work to Angus.

The latest exhibition is by Anna Jacobs, a Londoner, schooled in Scotland.

She is back living in her home city with her two young children. Her life, from the outset, has been busy – packed with variety and achievement. A classics graduate, she has sailed tall ships between movie sets, formed an acappella band which performed on television, radio and in the West End and rubbed shoulders wth the likes of Simon Cowell and Michael Ball. You can hear her voice on Robson & Jerome’s number one album! Postgraduate studies at both Chelsea and St Martin’s Art Colleges brought her to her current incarnation – but even now her focus is not singular. She somehow finds time to look after her two young children, tutor at her old art school, develop a line of greeting cards which are sold internationally and give lectures on upcycling at august events such as this year’s House & Gardens magazine’s Spirit of Summer Affair.

Much of Anna’s show at Bank Street Gallery comprises flying birds. The series is created in pen and ink, producing clarity and simplicity both in colour and line.

Varied media is a particular hallmark of Anna’s work. In her botanical series, she uses plaster, acrylic and ink, on board. Depending on the environment, the plaster can take only 40 minutes to dry and so time is of the essence in producing these demanding images. Precision in their composition is essential and yet the form must be produced speedily. Anna’s life and personality brim full of passion and enthusiasm – just like her paintings. The exhibition runs at the gallery until September 20.