Angus teen threatened to blow up his house

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

An Angus teenager who took his mum hostage, threatened to blow up his house and then told police he’d pour a prison-style “Napalm” concoction over anyone who tried to stop him was today (Tuesday) facing jail.

The 17-year-old caused a one-hour stand-off with armed police, five days before Christmas last year, after he flipped when his Mum confronted him about a cannabis cultivation he’d set up in his bedroom.

The teen - who cannot be named for legal reasons - told his mum he’d set the house on fire and hold them hostage if anyone came near him.

He then picked up two kitchen knives and stabbed a wall, window ledge and stairs - prompting his 15-year-old sister to jump out of a window to get to safety.

Police arrived minutes later and found her barefoot in the freezing winter weather, hysterical and saying her brother was “holding her mum hostage”.

Police found the 38-year-old mother crying and shaking at the window, with the boy then running up the stairs to evade police who bundled the mum out of the window.

The teenager was then seen standing at the top of the stairs brandishing two knives.

The officers then escaped and called for back-up as the accused shouted out of the window threatening to stab anyone who came in.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court: “He said he would cover his mother in petrol and set her on fire, he threatened to pour harmful substances over or stab any police officer who entered the property.

“An officer with 20 years experience who was there said ‘The accused was aggressive, animated and sincere in his threats and I personally believed he was capable of carrying these threats out’.

“As a result of the accused’s behaviour and the threats made by him, the gas supply to the locus was isolated and the fire brigade, ambulance service, firearms unit, tactical advisors, dogs unit, scenes of crime officers and numerous other police officers were asked to attend at the locus as a precaution.

“The accused continued to make threats towards his family and police officers, shout, swear and brandish knives over a period of about an hour.

“He also filled the kettle with water and made a concoction of bleach, sugar and boiling water which he threatened to throw over anyone who entered the locus.

“Once the accused saw the firearms team outside the property, he then willingly dropped the two knives and exited through the living room window.

“He was arrested and placed in handcuffs. He told the police officers to pass a message to his mother, saying ‘tell her she’s dead’.

“Police later searched the property and found a small cannabis cultivation, consisting of six plants and associated paraphernalia.”

The 17-year-old pleaded guilty on indictment to charges of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner and producing cannabis on December 20 last year at an address in Angus and breaching bail in April this year by entering his home town contrary to conditions imposed on him.

Defence solicitor Grant Bruce said: “He’s back living with his mother now.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown deferred sentence until next month for social work background reports. The teenager was released on bail meantime.