Angus retains Fairtrade status for another two years

Angus Council is putting up signs at the entrances to all Fairtrade towns in Angus.
Angus Council is putting up signs at the entrances to all Fairtrade towns in Angus.

Angus has been awarded Fairtrade status for another two years after good work throughout the county was recognised.

The county has had its Fairtrade status renewed by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Congratulating Angus Council, the foundation said it was clear that Fairtrade in Angus was going from strength to strength.

In particular the foundation was impressed by the Angus Fairtrade Guide which was launched earlier this year and is packed with information on the campaign and advice on buying Fairtrade produce in the county.

In a letter to the council, the foundation added: “It has been a huge pleasure to learn of all that has happened since you were awarded Fairtrade status and please pass on our congratulations and thanks to everyone who has put so much time, energy and creativity into making Fairtrade a part of the area.”

Angus Provost Helen Oswald also paid tribute to the hard work carried out by communities across the county to promote Fairtrade.

She said: “I am proud of the commitment to Fairtrade in Angus, and that this has been recognised once again by the Fairtrade Foundation.

“The success of Fairtrade across Angus is largely thanks to the commitment of those communities who have worked tirelessly towards ensuring that farmers and producers in developing countries receive a fair deal.

“Across the county, individuals, communities, schools and private businesses, have been promoting the positive effect that buying Fairtrade in Angus can make around the world.

“The new signage which has been erected across the county, and the Fairtrade Guide, highlight to visitors and residents that we are concerned about others in the developing world, and that Fairtrade products are available across the county.

“They also help boost those local businesses who have signed up to the Fairtrade brand.”