Angus press gets a makeover

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We’re changing! The next edition of your local paper is going to look a little different but we think you’ll agree it is for the better.

We have listened to your feedback and implemented the changes you have asked us to make.

Your news:

We understand that what local people want is local news and we want to ensure that we get that to you in a quick and timely manner. To that end we have been focussing on our websites and will be paying close attention to our social media sites.

We love it when you get in contact and interact with us online, so please keep the conversation going.

A central team for Scotland has also been created to allow us, your local reporters, to get out and about and interact with you, finding out what is going on and reporting on it. They will handle the interest pieces while we tackle the news stories.

Our well-liked entertainment section has also had a makeover. It has been smartened up to bring you quality, relevant information for The Weekend, and is now aptly named so.

Your sport:

For those of you who read back to front, you will notice sport has undergone a drastic rebranding.

We understand that local sport is key to the area and central to many people’s lives. There is now a dedicated Sports team who will invest all of their time into bringing you sport throughout the whole week, including online interviews, updates and sports news. That doesn’t mean we still don’t need you. Sport reports, results and fixtures contributed by our readers and fans is indispensable and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your local team:

Angus is a large county and although we will retain the unique personality of each paper in Angus South we are going to draw on the experience and expertise of all of the reporters in our county-wide team, to ensure the best quality stories reach the pages.

You may therefore start seeing names and faces you don’t recognise but fear not, we will be printing a ‘meet the team’ feature soon, so look out for it to learn a bit more about the faces behind the news.

In the meantime contact us:

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