Angus Council urges tenants to insure their belongings

Home contents insurance.
Home contents insurance.

Angus Council tenants are urged to insure the contents of their homes to avoid the cost of having to replace furnishings and equipment lost by a major incident such as flooding, burglary or fire.

A council spokesperson said: “We are concerned that a number of our tenants have no home contents insurance cover in place and could be left with no means to replace their personal possessions or furnishings if the worst were to happen.

“We offer a competitive insurance scheme making it easy for our tenants to insure their belongings. The insurance is arranged with an independent insurance company and is available only to our tenants. It is available with standard cover from as little as 72p per week and insures your possessions against fire, flood, theft, storm and other risks.

“There is no excess to pay in the event of a claim, no minimum security requirements which mean that you do not have to have a specified security alarm or insurance industry approved locks to qualify for the policy.”