Angus Council teams up with Clydesdale bank

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Angus Council has teamed up with the Clydesdale Bank, the latest to lend their support, in the fight to protect vulnerable people from financial scams.

The ground-breaking policy on financial harm adopted by the council requires the local authority to work with partners, including banks, to pursue the goal of a scam-free Angus.

Following the launch of the policy, the council has been building a local partnership with police, health staff, local post offices, the small business community and financial institutions.

Shona Keillor, branch manager for Clydesdale in Arbroath, said: “As branch managers we see people we suspect may be losing money to scams and do try to assist our customers as much as we possibly can.

“However the new link with the council gives us another avenue to explore when we do have concerns, and we are very pleased to have joined other key agencies in Angus to deal with what is obviously a huge issue.”

A recent citizens’ panel survey conducted by the council showed that over a quarter of local families may have had a relative who has been defrauded by criminals, with emails, phone callers and mail scams being the three most common.

It has been estimated that as much as £6.2 million is lost annually by the people of Angus to mail scams alone.

Councillor Glennis Middleton, the council’s social work services spokeswoman, said: “We are determined to make as many people as possible aware of the scammers’ tricks and prevent as much financial harm as we can.

“Since many scams involve financial transactions I am pleased that our local banks are joining with us and our partners to combat the problem.”

You can report scams to trading standards via the council’s ACCESLine on 08452 777 778 and any fraud to Police Scotland on 101.

To get advice and alerts on potential scams in the area follow @scamfreeangus on Twitter.

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