Angus and rural areas hit badly by cost of fuel says Angus MP

ANGUS MP Mike Weir has welcomed the announcement in his Budget by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that the increase in fuel duty planned for September has been abandoned.

He spoke of how the abandonment of the fuel duty rise is welcome but that a longer term approach is urgently needed.

Mr Weir commented: “The continual rise in the cost of petrol and diesel has hit rural areas such as Angus badly impacting upon both family budgets and local businesses. As prices are rising again the rise in fuel duty would have been another crushing blow and the Chancellor’s decision is both welcome and correct.

“It is abundantly clear, however, that we cannot continue in the current manner of deciding as each increase is due whether to impose it or not. This is creating great uncertainty and, together with changes in wholesale prices, are making if very difficult to budget for the future.

“This is especially a problem for businesses who need to factor in the cost of transport in future contracts.

“I and my SNP colleagues have long argued for a fuel duty regulator to ensure that when the price of oil rises the tax is adjusted to give a stable price. “

He spoke of how family budgets are under pressure with wages being static and he added: “Such a system would mean that business could look to the future with some confidence as to the transport costs they will face.

“At a time when family budgets are under so much pressure with wages, at best, static it would also ensure that families would be able to budget knowing the likely cost of fuel to get to work.”