Anger over Angus Alive

Lochside Leisure Centre, Forfar.
Lochside Leisure Centre, Forfar.

The name chosen for Angus Council’s new Culture and Leisure Trust Project, which will become active at the end of this year, has been slated.

On December 1 the local authority’s culture and leisure services will transfer to a new charitable trust.

The new organisation will operate under the name Angus Alive and will provide culture and leisure services for the county. However, in details released under a Freedom Of Information request, it has emerged the most popular choice for the name for the new organisation was Angus Culture and Leisure Trust.

We were contacted by one member of the public who did not wish to be named, but said: “We were all asked to take part in a survey to help choose the name of the new Trust and 58.4 per cent of the vote was for Angus Culture and Leisure Trust.

“Angus Alive was also suggested but that received only 7.3 per cent of the vote, so we have to ask why was that name chosen?

“It is annoying and frustrating and it has been niggling away at me. We do live in a democracy but here we have the most popular name being replaced by the least popular name.”

The services provided by the new trust will include museums, galleries, archives, town halls, leisure and sports facilities, country parks and outdoor recreation facilities. A new service integrating libraries and ACCESS Office functions will also be part of the new trust.

The buildings used by culture and leisure services will continue to be used by the new trust but will remain entirely in council ownership.

When asked to comment about the choice of name a spokesman for Angus Council said: “One of the responsibilities of the Shadow Board was the selection of the name for the new trust. As part of that process employees across the council were invited to indicate their preference.

“The favoured option of culture and leisure services employees was Angus Culture and Leisure Trust. Following a consideration of the options and looking to the future, the board opted for Angus Alive as it offered a more energetic and engaging brand name that would stand the test of time.

“Signage, uniforms and other materials will eventually carry the new name and associated branding, to identify and promote the new organisation. Employee representatives are directly involved in this rebranding exercise for their services.”