Adventures in Nepal

LETHAM woman Helen Henderson has been having adventures in Nepal.

She took a few days off from helping the orphans and street children to visit a historical village roughly 90 miles from Pokhara as it has some of the most beautiful views of the Anapurna mountain range.

Helen said: “It was 90 miles to a town called Dumrie. The dirtiest town you can think of and I had to get a taxi to the the village of Bandapur and the hotel. But it was not a taxi, it was just a jeep which was so bad I refused to take it!”

The driver of the taxi was a young Nepali man, Helen added: “He was not the most pleasant Nepali I have met. To say he was rude, is a definite understatement. Torrential rain, the driver was rude and the road was horrendous. He was driving far too fast. The journey, only about three miles to the hotel, was a nightmare. It was like sitting on a chandelier in the middle of an earthquake.

“To add insult to injury, he refused to take me to the hotel which was at the top of the hill. It wasn’t far, about a mile, but it was pouring with rain and all uphill!”

Helen spent the night in the hotel and it rained throughout so she decided to cut her losses and head back to Pokhara to be with the children.

She said: “The journey back to Dumrie was even scarier than the one up.

“It was still pouring with rain, but at least it was all downhill. This was a big mistake as it was the most frightening helter skelter I have ever been on. It was like going down Ben Nevis on a skateboard, terrifying.”

She added: “I arrived in Dumrie in one piece and with dry trousers! Surprise, surprise. The taxi driver was a really nice man and very kindly ‘phoned the bus driver to check the time of his arrival in Dumrie.

“It would be an hour late due to a strike in Kathmandu. Fine, it’s Nepal, an hour isn’t too bad.”

If anyone would like to support Helen’s work in Nepal you can visit her website