A tough but successful charity challenge

Snow roads.
Snow roads.

A Kirriemuir couple have done their bit to support their daughter and two of her friends in a cycle challenge for a charity close to their hearts.

Ken and Margot Norcross supported their daughter, Jacky Godfrey, and her team Phillipa McDowell and Michelle Mellor, while they cycled a very difficult route for Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

Ken, 84, acted as team manager, bike mechanic and luggage transfer and he drove the support vehicle over the full 300km Audax route.

Meanwhile, Margot, 78, kept the cyclists on the correct roads and provided water, first aid, photography and the all important jelly babies all the way.

The three cyclists, who have raised over £7,000 this year, used the trip as a training exercise before they embark on cycling 400k through Tanzania in Africa a week on Saturday.

They started the popular Audax challenge from Kirriemuir on a wet Thursday morning which took them over the highest ‘A’ road in Britain as well as The Leicht ski resort and the Cairn o’ Mount, finishing on Sunday back in Kirriemuir .

The Kirrie couple stayed with them all the way, providing, back-up car support, changes of clothing, food, water and lots of encouragement.

The ladies are hoping the challenges will take their fundraising to £10,000 by the time they return home at the end of October.

Michelle Mellor said: “They [Ken and Margot] have both been fantastic, we couldn’t have done it without them.

“They have stayed with us every step of the way and provided lots of laughter.

“They are an inspiration and we are so pleased they were there.”

Ken added: “I have been very impressed with them all. Anyone who has cycled this route knows how tough it can be but they kept going and have raised lots of money in the process for a very worthwhile cancer charity.”