A new way to raise funds

Forfar Rotary Club is pleased to announce that the Marafun registration details as well as entry forms are available to download from their website.

Already there have been requests for this information so the May 27 Marafun is most definitely underway.

It is Forfar Rotary’s intention to spread the financial benefits of this year’s event throughout the local community and local clubs and organisations are encouraged to express their own interest in taking part.

An example would be for a club to pay an entry fee of £100 and from this they keep all the monies raised to assist in the running of their sport, hobby or charity.

So this means no further payment, a commitment to get fit, a choice of running a half Marafun or the full Marafun and the team of five runners can raise as much as they like from sponsorship.

Marafun gives you have the perfect tool to enhance your own club’s future and raise money that can be spent on football strips, badminton raquets, hall hire, charity donations or bus hire, in fact anything that will keep your projects or club solvent.

So what you gain in financial terms will also make it all worthwhile when you, as a team, cross the winning line and receive your Marafun medal knowing you have contributed to the community by assisting the Forfar Rotary Club in this bi-annual street spectacle.

Marafun has something for everybody - be it as a runner or a spectator.

If you want someone from the Rotary to address a meeting or clarify anything please do get in touch either by email from the Guestbook on the website www.forfarrotary.org.uk or by letter addressed to the Stag Hotel.