A mix of planned and impromptu at speakers’ club meeting

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The wild weather took its toll but there were 13 present at the golf club in Kirriemuir for the recent meeting of Strathmore Speakers’ Club.

President Muriel Smith welcomed everyone and dealt with the business, prior to introducing Bill Walker as Training Session chairman, assisted by David Affleck as timekeeper.

Bill called Andrew Thomson to the lectern and invited him to make his speech, his third since becoming a member, entitled ‘Happy or Haunted’. He made a dramatic start with some examples of dialogue from some well-known films and only when he convincingly mimicked Mrs Doubtfire, did his startled and eager audience catch on to the subject of Robin Williams and the depth of admiration and knowledge that Andrew had for this tortured comic genius and prolific actor.

The speech was delivered within the time limit and Jim Smith congratulated Andrew on an ambitious and high-energy speech. He awarded him a pass and the room was buzzing with praise for his style and the manner in which he had tackled it.

The next part of the programme was altered due to absence, and Bill Walker gave an impromptu speech on ‘Coincidences’. Citing three very significant ones that had occurred in the last few months, he generated some discussion and reminiscences in some of the members.

Eric Summers offered some suggestions of speeches he would like to hear in 2015, including some of the anniversaries coming up – Waterloo 200 years, Agincourt 600 years and among others it will be 50 years since Winston Churchill’s death. He also mentioned Ebola and climate change as subjects needing to have light shed upon them.

Iain Orr was the final evaluator and spoke warmly of the participants’ contributions and how well they had been received by the audience.

The strength of the Speakers’ Association came from the diversity of subjects, the preparation and style of individuals and also the ability to deliver an impromptu speech.