A church for everyone

At a time when other denominations are uniting congregations or closing church buildings, the Congregational Federation in Scotland is actually starting new churches.

Esk Congregational Church is the newest Congregational Federation church in Scotland as it just started out last September.

Services have been held in the former Clova Parish Church by kind permission of the Clova Kirk Trustees who now own the building. Services are being held monthly, on Saturday evenings, not on any point of theological principle.

Saturday has been a convenient time to gather and the Glen is probably at its busiest then with the many visitors to the area. The next service is on Saturday, August 11 at 6pm and anyone who wants to join in will be most welcome.

Congregational Churches started in Scotland in the 18th Century. Many of the surviving congregations in Scotland joined the United Reformed Church in 2000.

The Federation comprises those churches which chose to remain Congregational. In the Federation there is no hierarchy and no authority higher than the congregation. Each member has an equal voice and the members make all decisions.

There are around 300 churches in the Federation across the UK.

The Federation’s General Secretary, the Rev. Michael Heaney is Moderator of the Free Churches in England, and as such, a Co-President of Churches Together in England alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster.